Yamini Ali MacLean (YAM). For the purposes of this blog, all you need to know is she's got a creative gene which demands to be utilised. The jury's still out on the wisdom of that. She's also a prolific blogger;
MY TAKE for the daily photograph
MY TAKE; Doses of Wild YAM for the daily mess
Aatmaavrajanam for the deep and meaningful.

This blog is to be a showcase for the 'artworks' (and occasional poems - yes words are art, too!) that spring forth. Mainly, it will be about the art which is available for sale over at RedBubble, in the form of clothing, accessories, homewares, stationery... Please note that any image you really like which is not on RB, can be put there - just ask! (Not every image looks or fits every product, but will try to oblige.)

Posts will not necessarily be daily, perhaps more like weekly. There may be a glut, and then a famine. Just go with it.

The logo of OM YAM-yum is made up of ॐ the eternal sound of the Universe, YAM's initials - which also have Sanskrit significance, याम having several contexts, but here taking on the idea of progress - and the anglicised form of यं which is the symbol of the heart  - but also has the meaning of 'stretched out'... which describes much of the artwork here. Together these elements become a mantra for Love, Creativity and remaining Steady on the Path.

It's that gene, I tells ya! There is a constant urge to express, externally, the sense of wonder and awe of the inner world. It's a spiritual thing. Not to mention fun.