Picnics and Parties

Hari Om
The impending Royal Wedding has got a few conversations going about how to celebrate along with... not here. I wish the young couple well, but do not feel the need to jig or jive. That said, am always on for a picnic. Even if it has to be inside to avoid the sky-drops.

Cool and casual is the order of the day for such as that. Not so casual that one couldn't go on to an evening party...




  1. That tote bag is really cute! I wish I needed another bag... but no I don't think I could convince my closet. But, but closet! "No room, no room, no room!" *Digging in to see what I can toss.*

    1. Hari Om
      Why thank you, JEN... want to be tempted by a whole range of totes? &*> Yxx