Is It Summer Yet?

Hari OM
There has been a flurry of excitement in the United Kingdom - most of it below the border with the Bonny Land. Up here, we have missed out on much of the MayHem of sun-bagging which has taken over our Southern neighbours. Only in the UK would more than two days of sunshine and warmth strung together create "news" and get endless scenes of ice creams, beaches and Brits playing at being tropical beasties looped on the current affairs programs... Up here in the more Northerly regions, the temps are less, but the sun can be just as bright and there is no doubt that the last week has been a huge improvement.

It makes one think of pretty things to wear and decorate~!~

Summer Exponential

Principle Rose

Pots o' Pourie


  1. Here in Canada, we had a couple of REALLY NICE DAYS. Not too hot but the sun was warm, and the air, soft. But today? Today is damp and chilly. MOUSES!

    1. Hari OM
      MOL... yes, there is much about Canada which reminds of the Bonny Land - which is why so many Scots adopted it I suppose!!! Yxx