Hari Om

Ninth month. The year swings through and before you know it we'll be facing the next one. Not yet though. First let us stop and smell the flowers;

Himalayan Poppies, photographic altered image by YAM

Spend some of these very last summer, early autumn days (yes, I said the a-word!) chillaxing.

Perhaps a walk along a beach somewhere?

"Solitude", photographic altered image by YAM

Remember places visited... or dream of places yet to see; will they be far, or near? Will they be buzzing or tranquil? Will they open doors to a whole new world?

"Contemplation" photographic altered image by YAM
Haven't been overly busy on RedBubble lately, but these three images pleased me well and look great on the various items. Perhaps you want to start thinking ahead to the festive season?

... what?!...

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