Vernal Equinox

Hari Om

Pondering a way to showcase some of the items available over at RedBubble, it struck me that the one thing I do best is blogging. Here we are then!

This won't be only about spruiking for sales. It will be about the art. There may even be the odd poem or 87. Words can be art too. Perhaps it could have been included over in the Wild YAM bloggy; but this is really a different 'department' of life. It deserves its own little nook.

Posts won't be regular like on the other blogs. They will, hopefully, be at the very least weekly. It's an experiment.

Much like the art.

Okay. Tick tock, here's a clock. To see how this design displays on various other items, click the image.

The photograph which gave rise to this product is an actual clock face on a sculptured water feature. It sits in Hornsby, NSW. A solarisation filter was used to process the colour. The 'numerals' spell out 'Dare We Forget' and the whole of the feature is about native flora and fauna. An environmental statement.

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