It Has!!!

Hari OM

Oh yes indeed
It's true
Spring is sprunging
the sky is blue
clouds are none
warm is the sun
It's true, it has...
the spring has sprung!!!

The image is from my archives; it's about 20 years old. Those are coreopsis by the roadside, a corrugated fence behind. Polarising filter post-process.


  1. Crikey .... Mum loves this. She's not a fan of the colour orange but mingled with these other colours she loves it. There's no spring springing here. Just summer dragging on and on and on and on and now a cyclone. Oh for autumn.

    1. Hari OM
      G'day Charlie and Mum! Thanks for taking time to squizz at the new bloggy. Am not all that happy with the "front page" which biggifies the piccies and distorts them a bit... not to mention that many of the shots from RedBubble are just thumbnails anyway and thus not of great quality for such display. I'll work on it! ... Yxx

  2. Beautiful ~ so creative and colorful and 'growing' ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a fun week ~ thanks ~ ^_^

  3. A wonderful post editing! janice xx

  4. Hello, love the colorful image. Very Springy! I like your new blog. Have a happy weekend.