Been Away

Hari Om

Had a summer holiday. It was actually hot. Wore lots of white and bright colours, as you might expect. The pollen beetles loved me...

Like a bit of the bright, the colour and the white?

Inflower Essence Quorting
Warholian Rampage


Hari Om
There was a summer here. It came and it went. Perhaps will return. Make summer with colour I say!

Moondollar Midramp
Gardenium Musey Bush


Hari OM
Am experimenting with a different comment form... not sure it will be all that satisfactory - think there will be a long delay between posting and notification receipt in my email. Not that it matters too much here. Probably won't try the test with the other blogs. Sigh...

On to the happy stuff. Something pretty...

Champagne Leaves


Hari OM
One of my personal favourite items from RedBubble is the scarves. They are large, supremely soft and silk-like and can be folded any which way you wish - the would even do for the beach, for that light covering just for a little of the demure.

Most of the patterns in my portfolio are on the scarves - see HERE for more.

The Bloke

Hari OM
It has come to attention that UK Father's Day is June 17th. Time to think what to get the bloke who's had just about everything? Statement teeshirts are often popular...

Doo U Cockle?
OMountain Glow (pastel) (yes it comes on tees too)
Dark Side of the Pearl

Picnics and Parties

Hari Om
The impending Royal Wedding has got a few conversations going about how to celebrate along with... not here. I wish the young couple well, but do not feel the need to jig or jive. That said, am always on for a picnic. Even if it has to be inside to avoid the sky-drops.

Cool and casual is the order of the day for such as that. Not so casual that one couldn't go on to an evening party...



Is It Summer Yet?

Hari OM
There has been a flurry of excitement in the United Kingdom - most of it below the border with the Bonny Land. Up here, we have missed out on much of the MayHem of sun-bagging which has taken over our Southern neighbours. Only in the UK would more than two days of sunshine and warmth strung together create "news" and get endless scenes of ice creams, beaches and Brits playing at being tropical beasties looped on the current affairs programs... Up here in the more Northerly regions, the temps are less, but the sun can be just as bright and there is no doubt that the last week has been a huge improvement.

It makes one think of pretty things to wear and decorate~!~

Summer Exponential

Principle Rose

Pots o' Pourie

May Week

Hari OM
May. It opened the month with a fierce, dark grey storm over the Hutch. Day two, as I type, is slightly more accommodating, even borderline sunshine. Perhaps tomorrow? Not to worry though, got plenty of colour here to offset the sky!


Summer-hi Pretty

Spotted You