Oh Me Oh My

Hari OM
Really??? Am a bit ticked off now. "They" keep telling us summer has arrived and temps are in the high teens - at least. Got news. Waaaaay not summer. Spring is barely a notion. The Camelias over the road decided to show face and a couple of daffys and their dills.

Really???  Okay, now for brighter things.

Whether on apparel, or decor for the home, a pattern called

provides some hope. Doesn't it?

No? Well... maybe it's time for some focus


Hari OM
Crikey, April seems endless in this wintry lingering... can barely see the hills outside the Hutch today, for the clouds have fallen to earth and brought with them wet dreams...

Let's leave them to it and bring on some colour, eh what?! Remember, you can click below the images to see their pages and items.

Spring Crush Combobulant

The Radiant Conductor

Radical Radiance Warm Light

Brown Has Shades Too

Hari OM
Spring is definitely not happening outside the Hutch of creativity... but spring-cleaning is happening inside the Hutch. On this bloggy at least. A bit slicker than the chocolate brown, right?

Anyhu - time to share some more designs. Having changed the decor from the brown, there still a bit of it around...

Hoots Mon

May Hem Ribulani

Heart's Plosion


Keeping UP

Hari OM
Phew... have taken on the A-Z challenge over at Meno bloggy and it has been keeping me out of mischief. Then remembered there were other pages needing my attention. There are quite a few new prints ready for posting... just gotta find the breath.

Click the links below the images to reach the shop pages...

Bargesse Reversicion

Bargesse Black Block

Spring...are we there yet???

Hari OM
STILL waiting for it here. It can't be far away, surely. For those planning holidays and home makeovers, it's time to think light and bright...

Angelorum Blue

Angelorious Fawn

Beds and More

Hari OM
Spring cleaning? Time for fresh linen? Duvet covers can make a bedroom seem new again. Matching or contrasting pillows boost the look!

To the right you see
Re Chorch And Ism

To the left you see
Sannyassi Solitary


Hari OM
As mentioned, have been going a bit round the twist with mandalas! They are just so - endless...

Retrondala Cartouche is one of my personal faves.

SiRennie is named for no particular reason

...and then there's a bit of Frippery

It's a Not

Hari OM
Have been going a bit crazy with the mandalas of late... why not eh? They are pretty, they are easily tiled for large patterning, they are colourful, they are happy-making... am I right, or not?

Red Not Green

Aqua Not Blue