In a Spin

Hari OM

We are on the verge of spring - some would have us believe. Thinking of this, a spiro-art pleased my eye and it seemed inspiration for colouration came from three parts of a spring day... they tile up nicely for fabric presentation!



To check out all the current "Spiralax" designs, CLICK HERE.


Hari OM

February and we start to turn our thoughts to spring. That usually means cleaning, sorting out, bringing in the fresh and new.  How about this?


Hari OM

Shifted back to a basic theme for the blog. The newfangled format didn't really suit me. Keep it simple, I say.

How's this for simplicity in design? Block colours are always popular, it seems. CLICK HERE to go to the page with all these lovely things...


Hari OM
It has been, since last I posted! A whole festive season has been and gone and the 'new' year is ageing already.

Nothing had been done with RedBubble during that time. This week past, though, there were a few spare minutes. An hour or two, actually, so played around with some images and got some patterns happening. Bright and warm and colourful and uplifting for those of us facing the winter weather. Breezy and blousy, if you are handling the Southern summer.

Here is the first of those designs. I made screenshots from the 'shop' so that you can get an idea of the variety. Remember, all you have to do is CLICK HERE to go there!

Some Fresh Stuff

Hari OM

Gracious, poor wee neglected bloggy. Still, I did say it would be erratic. Other things took precedence. Have finally got round to putting three fresh designs up on the RedBubble.

First there is the little amaryllis victorian print. Only had a thumbnail to work from, but it tiles up nicely for a soft, feminine, all-over patterning.

The pattern for this pastel peach affair also came from a an old artwork. It was a tropical flower. Once.

Now it is simply a pretty and gentle wisp of colour rhythm, to wear as this dress, or in a variety of other apparel.

...and now, announcing the new addition to the cushion/pillow range.
The floor cushion is a handy thing to have around!!!
To see this and other items, click here.


Hari OM

It's an oldie but a truthie... here in the month of the spook, it is time to look towards festivity. No, it is NOT too early! To order from RedBubble requires that you allow for up to a month till delivery, depending on the item. Four patterns are now available at
OM YAM-yum.  There are cards, of course, but also various garments and even a clock, tote or cushion (pillow) for the Party Tide pattern. Go on, have a look. You know you want to! Click that link...


Hari Om

Ninth month. The year swings through and before you know it we'll be facing the next one. Not yet though. First let us stop and smell the flowers;

Himalayan Poppies, photographic altered image by YAM

Spend some of these very last summer, early autumn days (yes, I said the a-word!) chillaxing.

Perhaps a walk along a beach somewhere?

"Solitude", photographic altered image by YAM

Remember places visited... or dream of places yet to see; will they be far, or near? Will they be buzzing or tranquil? Will they open doors to a whole new world?

"Contemplation" photographic altered image by YAM
Haven't been overly busy on RedBubble lately, but these three images pleased me well and look great on the various items. Perhaps you want to start thinking ahead to the festive season?

... what?!...