Images of Images

Hari OM
Picture, anyone? I am somebody who likes to have a picture wall - or two... nothing excessive, but still reminiscent of a gallery. I just love to have scenes into which I can gaze and 'armchair travel' (if they are photographic) or 'mind meander' (if they are artworks).  Have been adding a few more of my photographic efforts to RedBubble lately.

You can get my wall images in various formats... framed prints, posters, metal prints... to name but a few.

Taking Notes?

Hari OM
If you are anything like me, you still love the feel and mood of a real -in-the-hand notebook for jotting down those special inspirations, affirmations and memories. That too, in a notebook that has value, style, permanence. These ones offered at the store (click links below images) are top quality!

Hardcover Journals
Spiral Notebooks

Winter Softness

Hari OM

Winter is softened by wearing warm colours, seeing warm colours. February, in particular, reminds us of this... chocolate and strawberries anyone?

"Flutter My Heart's Ease"

Here, Here, Yes, Am Here!

Hari Om
You could be forgiven for thinking the YAMster had fallen off the back end of the planet. No. Still here. Broke a wrist, which dampened things somewhat... Started to see the dark side of life for a while. Okay(ish) now. At least can type again. And create images. this one was adapted from a photo of my window sun-catcher.

Seasonal Change

Summer's End

Hari OM
...yes, it did get started after all - even in the wettest part of Scotland. Already becoming a distant memory, though, as we drive full throttle towards autumn and darker days...

Victorianical Velveteen


Hari OM

The Hutch has been under clouds for some days now. Plus wet stuff and wind. Has the summer faded finally? Perhaps we'll get a late burst - wouldn't that be nice?!

Majishunary Bohoo Miia

On The Slide

Hari OM
There has been some actual summer over here in the Bonny Land... but the past four days have been more like the onset of autumn already. It is said there will be more heat. Won't hold my breath on it though.

Meanwhile, back at the Hutch, another pattern or few...

Ascension Able
Gardenium Unmusery
Lunarly Lyte - yes, this came out of an image of the moon!

Been Away

Hari Om

Had a summer holiday. It was actually hot. Wore lots of white and bright colours, as you might expect. The pollen beetles loved me...

Like a bit of the bright, the colour and the white?

Inflower Essence Quorting
Warholian Rampage